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IndNTM Cycle 1 13th Episode : Mannequin in Groups Challenge

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Grace Saviour, Eveline Effendi & Flores Cantika Timoer (winner group)

Original airdate : January 7, 2021

Eveline, Gea, and Yumi emerged as the winners in the Mini Challenge and they have the privilege to sit and they can choose their teammates. They have to pose like mannequins for 30 minutes with several distractions

Challenge : Mannequin in Groups 

Devina - Sheren - Gea - Audrey

Grace - Eveline - Flores

Masyitah - Clafita - Yumi - Ilene

Winning Group :  Eveline, Grace & Flores

Winner : Flores Cantika Timoer

source http://mformodels.blogspot.com/2021/01/indntm-cycle-1-13th-episode-mannequin.html

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