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IndNTM Cycle 1 11th & 12th Episode : Posing with Snakes and Jewelries in Pairs Photo Shoot

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Eveline Effendi & Maria Clafita Witoko (first call out)

Episode 11

Original airdate : January 2, 2021

Challenge : Dancing above treadmill

Challenge winner : Masyitah & Devina

Episode 12

Original airdate : January 3, 2021

Photo shoot : Posing with Snakes and Jewelries in Pairs

First call out

Eveline & Clafita
Call out order

Ilene (right)

Devina (left)

Audrey & Yumi

Sheren (right)

Flores (right)

Masyitah (right)

Gea (left)

Bottom two

Grace (left)


Ranti (left)

source http://mformodels.blogspot.com/2021/01/indntm-cycle-1-11th-12th-episode-posing.html

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